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  • Tournaments

    Tournaments are a pure excitement. You compete to the end with a limited number of players, and you all fight for the one prize and honor. The competition level is as high as on live poker tournaments, even though many tournaments are for play money only.

    In EvenBet Poker, a player may challenge his skills in all popular online poker tournament variations: Heads Up, Sit and Go, Scheduled, Single or Multi-Table, Shootout, etc. Tournaments run daily according to the schedule in a tournament lobby. To play in any tournament, a player must register before the tournament starts.

    Main tournaments rules and basic terms

    • If the tournament has a state “Announced” that means, that a tournament is created, but the registration hasn’t yet started.
    • State “Registering” means that every authorized user may register for the tournament. For some tournaments, late registration is allowed: then players may register for a short time after the start. Late registration closes after the first player leaves the tournament.
    • State “Seating”: a tournament starts and the system distributes players between the tables. It continues during a short time period. The main principle of sitting in EvenBet Poker is to seat players as equal as possible using a minimum number of tables. Distribution between tables is random. Tournament starts simultaneously at all tables.
    • “Running”: a tournament is running. Any registered player may watch how it goes.
    • “Cancelled”: a tournament is cancelled by game administration or the required number of players wasn’t met.
    • “Completed”: a tournament is over.
    • As tournament level increases, blind and antes increase also.
    • Breaks in tournaments are scheduled, during the break all games at all tables are stopped. If the hand at any table isn’t finished by the break time, the break starts right after the hand is finished.
    • If a player loses all his chips, he leaves the tournament. When tournament is completed he gets the prize corresponding to his place. Some tournaments allow re-buys (chips refill during the game) and add-ons. A player may use automatic re-buy and add-on function in this case.

    Ready to play poker with real money at Evenbet Poker? Simply download or play online and you’ll be playing in no time! This page is where you can find everything you need to know about cash deposits and withdrowals. Real money deposits into your poker account are accepted in several ways. The minimum deposit across all options is $10 (unless otherwise stated). Make sure you also read the real money transaction processing and currency conversation terms and conditions


    Sit & Go Single-table
    SnG tournament starts whenever the necessary players have put up their money. There is only one table to play poker.

    Multi-table tournaments
    Multi-table tournaments involve many players playing simultaneously in the multiple tables. As players are eliminated from the tournament, tables are combined until there is only one table left.

    Bounty tournaments
    Bounty tournaments place a bounty on some or all of the players. If a player knocks an opponent out, he earns the opponent’s bounty

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